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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Metallica

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Nothing Else Matters Acoustic
de Metallica
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"Nothing Else matters" by Metallica
Mark of the Heretic
The Intro is damn near right one i just change some minor things for me.  
Also play it straight through i just had to spread it out on paper.
The Verse and Chorus i totally changed because i don't like to pick and 
sing at the same time.  So those are just strummed.

h= hammer on
p= Pull off
/= Slide into note
()= natural harmonics

Intro(i use fingerstyle but you can do it with a pick)
|-------0-----------0---|X 3|--------------------------------------|(continue to



end of intro


I just play these chords in sequence.

Em, D, Dsus4, Cadd9C, A;

|--0----2---3--3-------|Chords for Chorus|---0----0-----------------------------

After i play those chords i play this and then start it over again.

E |-----3--2--0----|

Now you do that 2 times then on the third you play the chord but end these chord

G, Cm(barred), Em(end directly on this chord)


I use these chords.

C, A, D(strum and throw a Dsus4) into it.

I Do have a Solo but it's my own and don't give that stuff out.

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