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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave matthews band

de Dave matthews band
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'Spoon in Spoon.....' 
  Em D C E Am D G D/F# 

  Then the: 

  'Holding, I'm Holding....' 
  C then end on a G/B 

vai assim ó:

Em         D      
Spoon in spoon
C              E
Stirring my coffee
Am            D
I thought of you
G                  D/F#
And turned to the gate
Em            D    C             E
And on my way came up with the answers
Am               D
I scratched my head
G               D/F#
And the answers were gone

Em         D      
From hand to hand,
C              E
Wrist to the elbow
Am            D
Red blood sand
G             D/F#
Could Dad be God?
Em         D   C              E
Crosses cross hung out like a wet rag
Am            D
Forgive you? Why?
G                  D/F#
You hung me out to dry
Em         D
And maybe I'm crazy
C              E
But laughing out loud
Am               D      G    D/F#
Makes the pain pass by
Em           D
And maybe you're a little crazy
C                 E    Am               D      G    D/F#
But laughing out loud makes it all subside
C           G/B
Holding, I'm holding
I'm still falling,
I'm still falling

Spoon in spoon
Stirring my coffee
I thought of this
And turned to the gate
But on my way
Crack lightning and thunder
I hid my head
And the storm slipped away
Well, maybe I'm crazy
But laughing out loud
Makes it all pass by
And maybe you're a little crazy
And laughing out loud
Makes it all alright

Laughing out loud

From time to time,
Minutes and hours
Some move ahead while
Some lag behind
It's like the balloon that
Rise and then vanish
This drop of hope
That falls from his eyes

Spoon in spoon
Stirring my coffee
I think of this
And turn to go away
But as I walk
There're voices behind me saying:
'Sinners sin, come now and play.'

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