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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Smashing pumpkins

Take me down
de Smashing pumpkins
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Tuning: Eb

Intro: E(i)  E7M,  E(i)  E7M

E(i)                       E7M
  and take me down, to the underground
E(i)                             E7M
  won't you take me down, to the underground
why oh why, there is no light
A5                                        (bass note: B )
and if i can't sleep, can you hold my life
    E9  D#E5  C#9  B9
And Allie_________________  (I know these aren't the lyrics, but this bit

                             is not written in the lyrics)
and all i see is you

E(i)  E7M,  E(i)  E7M

E(i)                   E7M
   and take my hand, i lost where i began
in my heart i know all of my faults
         E7M        E
will you help me understand
  and i believe in you
you're the other half of me
C9  (bass note: High E )  B9
soothe...      and          heal...
when you sleep, when you dream ,
        B9                 B9               B9
i'll be there if you need me, whenever i hear you sing...
A5         E7M   A        E9    D#E5  C#9    B9         A5
there is a sun,       it'll come, the sun, i hear them call me down
  E9            D#E5               C#9          B9
i held you once, a love that once, and life had just begun
and you're all i see...
    E9              D#E5             C#9 B9
and trumpets blew, and angels flew on the other side
           A5                    G#5
and you're all i see, and you're all i'll need
          F#5                        E
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