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I got it honest
de Aaron tippin
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D                                              G    D
It ain't nothin' but a small frame house on an acre lot 
                                            A7           D
It ain't that much diff'rent from any other house on the block 
                                    G                D
And it may not look like we got our share of the pro-mise 
                             A7             D
But at least one thing's for sure, I GOT IT HONEST. 
Roll out of the sack ev'ry mornin', head on down to the mill 

Give 'em all I got for eight, 'cause that's the deal 

If you'll check out my paycheck 

   Well, you'll see that there ain't that much on it 

But ev'ry single penny I'm paid, I GOT IT HONEST. 
I never had to hang my head in shame 
   For puttin' a price tag on my name 
 Never turned back on what I believe 
      E                        A7
   Or let my heart be ruled by greed 
       D                 G                D
'Cause buddy if I didn't earn it, I don't want it 
                      A7            D
That way I can always say, I GOT IT HONEST.  
Now you ain't looking at some dude 
That was born with a Silver spoon in his mouth 
And I might seem like some kind of low-life 
To that high-falutin' crowd 
But I'm plain spoken, straight talkin' 
And damn proud of what I have accomplished 
Some folks appreciate that and some don't 
Now when I die, I may not leave my kids a fortune 
But I hope they knowed my life stood for things that were important 
And I'll hand out the same sturdy old values of my daddy and my momma 
It made me every ounce of what I am and I GOT IT HONEST. 
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