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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Aaron watson

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When those aggies move to austin
de Aaron watson
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G       D              C  
You're the devil's daughter in disguise 
         G               D            C 
So don't try to hide the fire in your eyes 
D                              C                     G   
Girl, you must be stupid cause you just don't have a clue 
     D                   C                       D 
Even hell frozen over is warmer than my love for you 
               G      D       C 
When all those Aggies move to Austin 
    G           D          C 
And Beaumont is covered in snow 
         G          D          C   
When the wind don't blow in Amarillo 
C            D                 G 
Darlin' then you can come back home 
You sure can shake your little round behind 

But your hour glass figure won't buy my time 

You know how to work it Lord knows it's worked before 

This time you leave your butt will have the imprint of the front door    
F                          G  
When Fort Worth is east of Dallas 
F                     G 
And Texans forget the Alamo 
C            D          G   G/F# Em 
When Lubbock opens up a ski re---sort 
        F                            D 
And the Brazos is straighter than an arrow 
But don't hold your breath  
C    D                 G  
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