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The Outlaw Torn
de Metallica
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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 12:19:50 +0000
From: Joe Ravida 
Subject: The Outlaw Torn, by Metallica

The Outlaw Torn

intro w/ wah
  fade in                 repeat

ryth fig. 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

fill 1
|---sl.-up-------sl. down--------------------------------------------------|
                 big slide w/1sec deley setting

Verses (vocals with lower 4th harmony)

Bass riff fig. 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|----sl. up--sl. down-----------|------------------------------------------|
play 3x                          4th time

play ryth fig. 1 w/ fill 1

then play bass riff fig. 1

then ryth fig. 1 and so on and so on

then go back to the intro just with bass w/flanger
if your reaally cool you can improvise with volume swell and these notes
use this togeather with bass

now the solo, I'm no kirk Hammett so I just pass

I think the rest of the song just uses the rest of the rythym(is that how
you spell it?) sections over and over again

there is a lot more to this song, but I cant do it now. I'm tabbing
this from memory, because my sister lost the CD.

I hardly ever have the same server for more than a month, so don't bother
e-mailing me, just post on a newsgroup whatever I missed.

Joe Ravida  

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