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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Black clint

Bad goodbye
de Black clint
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E      G#m      E9      E/F#      F# 
B               E/B 
I've been bound to leave you 
D#m                    E 
We've known that for a while 
G#m                     G#m/C# 
I'm sure it's something I can't do 
           E/C#             F# 
If I can't leave you with a smile 
        B            E/B 
I don't know how far I'll have to go 
         G#m                   C#m7 
Till I'm sure those eyes won't cry 
          E/C#             G#m 
And in my mind I've left enough to know 
That I can't leave you 
F#             B 
With a bad goodbye 
    E/B         G#m 
Goodbye, easier said than done 
    C#m                       F# 
Goodbye, there's no good when you're the one 
          D#m7          G#m 
Whose goodbye you swore would never come 
    C#m       E/C#               F# 
And in my goodbye you're finding none 
I'm still bound to leave you 
I surely don't know how 
My heart won't let me put you through 
What my mind said should happen now 
I don't know where we'll go from here 
There may be no way to fly 
And the cloud I'm in just makes it all too clear 
That I can't leave you 
With a bad goodbye 
repeat chorus 
How can we be so far between 
Where we are and one more try 
And any way I look, I've only seen 
That I can't leave you 
With a bad goodbye 
This particular song is more likely to be played on piano, but since I found 
the chords anyway, I post them here. 

This should do it 
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