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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Men at work

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No restrictions
de Men at work
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Intro: ( E  B  D  A  B  F#m  G  E )

E                  B                  D                 A
Give me no restrictions on what I do or say
B                        F#m        G                 E
Don't speak of tomorrow when it's still today
E                        B                       D                 A
Leave me to my selfish ways, I'm well enough alone
B                  F#m         G               E
That is what I tell myself as I stumble home

E         B                       D                   A 
Derelict across the street in the garbage bin
B                                 F#m             G                   E 
Looks like he's found something neat judging by his grin
E                      B                D                A 
Such a long long way to go, hope I get there soon
B                         F#m                     G                    E 
Wish I could jump a great height and land in my front room
( B  A  F#m  E ) 
E                     B                    D                A 
Wake up in the morning make sure I'm still alive
B                 F#m    G                 E
Percolate the coffee opens up my eyes
E                      B        D                    A 
Hear the cricket calling switch on the TV 
B                      F#m         G                 E
Sit and stare for hours and cheer Dennis Lillee
( B  A  F#m  E ) 
( B  A  F#m  E )

E                         B                       D                       A 
Through the de-restriction zone we pass a long wide load
                   F#m           G                      E
Laugh at the reflections of cat's eyes on the road
E                     B            D               A
Freeways hypnotize me, up up and away
B                        F#m  
Hope we make it home tonight
G                E
Be that as it may

( B  A  F#m  E ) 
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