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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Jaci velasquez

Imagine me
de Jaci velasquez
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[INT] -> C C/B Am G Dm E Am

            Am                     Em/G
As long as stars shine down from heaven
          F            C
and the river runs into the sea
till the end of time forever
youre the only love i need

in my life youre all that matters

in my eyes the only truth i see

when my hopes and dreams have shattered

youre the one thats there for me

             Dm       G
when i found you i was blessed
and i will never leave you
i need you

          E       E/D#
imagine me without you
                C#m      B
id be lost and so confused
i wouldnt last A day
   G#m                     B                    C# 
id be afraid without you there to see me through
  E/D#       E       E/D#
imagine me without you
                   C#m      A
lord you know its just impossible
     F#m            C#m
because of you its all brand new
    B                F#m G#m
my life is now worthwhile
          A     B    E
i cant imagine me without you

verse 2:
when you caught me i was falling
you have lifted me back on my feet
it was like you heard me calling
and you rushed to set me free

when i found you i was blessed
and i will never leave you
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