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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Gavin degraw

Cop stop
de Gavin degraw
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Tom: C
          C                                                   G 
When your feathers are soaked and your eyes are too bloody to see, 
         C                                                       G 
and you pulled every punch that you had but there's one that you need, 
            D                          Em 
then you've waited too long, there's a hole in your heart, 
    C                                     D  C 
and all you've become is emotionally overrun. 

                   G       D      C  D                   G       D          C   D  :
Wishing wells were made to echo a dime, the consequences are you keep on relying,  :
                Em      D       C                G                                 : Refrão
you've become a run and hide refugee, baby I'm a cop,                              :
                  D                     C                                          :
stop, put up your hands and surrender to me.                                       :

You're gonna get hooked if there's anything left I can do, 

you've already disarmed it's your lasting alarm I pursue, 

you can loosen those fists,c'mon blow me a kiss, 

you've been roughed up enough to deserve some relief from your troubles,  

so I'm coming in. 
F                                          C 
Otherwise, I would never tell you what to do despite, 
                        G                                      D 
any indecision though I know I'm right, arguing was always my forte, 
and one thing I can say is I won't tell you lies, 
or treat you like a rental car like other guys, 
and if you think I'm crazy find an alibi, 
                                    G     D 
cause you will need some evidence to show. 
Baby I'm a cop, stop, put up your hands and surrender to me © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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