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:: Love - Petra

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The prodigal's song
de Petra
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[INT] -> G Am Cm Am G

G                        Am       Cm
I'm only happy when I'm with you 
And living life the way you show me 
Bm                 A                      Cm              
Whenever I'm apart, I grow a colder heart
I only feign my love for you 
                            Am        Cm
And if a day goes by without speaking 
I love like I don't really need you 
Bm                     A
But in my heart I find I recognize the lie 
A                           G
My every breath I draw from you
    C       Cm       G                  D      
And I still find you true, pulling me back to you 

G              c
To you I will run 
The prodigal son 
              C             G
Coming back home again to you
Open your arms 
And into your heart 
                C               G  Am  Cm  Am  G
I'm folded in love again with you 

G                            Am    Cm
And every moment that I've wasted 
Chasing after my own dreaming 
Bm                      A   
I know you will forgive and wipe away the tears 
For all the lonely foolish years 
    C       Cm        G                D             G
And I will try to be true, living each day with you   (Refrão)

Am          Bm
All that I am 
And all that I have 
And all I can be 
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