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TOP acordes y tablaturas de John frusciante

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The past recedes
de John frusciante
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G D Am Em x3 
G D Am 
G               D                  Am        Em 
And then the past recedes 
G        D                 Am        Em 
And I won't be involved 
G        D                Am     Em 
The effort to be free 
G                     D                   Am  
Seems pointless from above 
G               D                        Am      Em 
Yor're looking down at' me 
G       D                 Am     Em 
I'd rather stay below 
G                                D                Am      Em 
Than have you staring up at me 
G                 D                          Am                     B 
Theres nowhere I want to goooooooo     ooooh 

C        D7                               Em                   D 
Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive 
C            D7                               Em 
Why to be here you've first got to die 
So I gave it a try 
          C                     G 
And what do you know 
                           Am              D7 
Time was so long ago 

G                  D                            Am     Em 
And thinks come back you see 
G                D                Am           Em 
To where they don't belong 
G              D               Am    Em 
And every drop of sea 
G D                     Am      B 
Is the whole ocean      oooooooohhh 

  C           D7 
I lied to the greatest thieves 
              Em                  D 
About anything and everything 
C     D7                 Em 
I'm a figure of forgotten speech 
I'm out of reach  
C                    G 
I can't play it safe 
                     Am                D7 
But I might just in case 
(use verse chords) 
A | -10--8h10p8-----------------------------------7-------------------------------------------------------- |  
B | ------------------10---8h10p8------8-----8-------10-8-7--8--------------------------------------------- |  
G | -----------------------------------11----(b9)-----------------------------11--(b9)-8-8h9p8----------------- |  
D | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10----- |  
A | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
E | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------3---7--5h7p5--3-10--- |  
B | --------------------------------------------------------------3--1h3p1--------------------------- |  
G | ------------------------------------------------4------------------------------------------------ |  
D | -10--8--10--8--6--5--6---6--5--3-----3---5-----5------------------------------------------------- |  
A | ----------------------------------------6-------------------------------------------------------- |  
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
E | --10 ---12b-12b-12b-14b-14b-14b---12-12s8----5-------------------------------- |  
B | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |  
G | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |  
D | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |  
A | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |  
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |  
C    D7                       Em 
I'm disguised as a reaching hand 
I'm working man 
  C                  D7 
I dont understand why clockout 
Em                          D 
Comes so slow every time 
             C              G                   Am 
That's one line I stay right behind 
            C                G                    Am       B 
That's one line I stay right behind 

G D Am Em x3 
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