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Chain of love
de Sawyer brown
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Intro: repeat twice 
 (D)(D)         (A) 
e | -2--2--5--3--2---- 
B | -3--3--0--0--0--2-- 
G | -2--2-----------2-- 
D | -0--0-----------2-- 
A | ----------------0-- 
E | ------------------ 
Verse 1: 
G               A                D 
Everyone should know a love like this 
G                 A                D 
One you can?t hold back, you can?t resist 
G                 A      Bm 
One that shows without a doubt 
G            D   A 
What life is all about 
   (No chords)    G                       A          D        
You showed me the more love?s given, the more love?s found 
       G                        A     D 
It?s a circle that just keeps-a-goin? around 
G                        A         Bm 
You gave me something to be a part of 
              G           A        D 
You made me a link in the chain of love 
              G   A                           D (to intro) 
You made me a link in the chain of love 
Verse 2, same chords: 
Been up against the wall a time or two 
But I never thought that love would get me through 
Now I know that love will abide 
Because I?m standing on the other side 
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