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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Goo goo dolls

Black ballon
de Goo goo dolls
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Capo 1st Fret! 
C F C F       
 C                          F 
 Baby's Black Balloon makes her fly 
C                        F 
 I almost fell into that hole in your life 
C                         F 
 And you're not thinking about tomorrow  
A                   C        F 
 Cause you were the same as me 
     G       C   F    C 
 But on your knees  
C F C F 
C                                  F 
 A thousand other boys could never reach you 
C                       F 
 How could I have been the one 
C                        F 
 I saw the world spin beneath you 
A                 C            F 
And scatter like ice from the spoon  
     G        C  
That was your womb 
 Am     G        F            C 
 Comin' down the world turned over 
     Am     G    F           C  
 And angels fall without you there 
     Am   G     F       C 
 And I go on as you get colder 
    Am      G         C 
 Or are you someone's prayer 
C F C F 


You know the lies they always told you                  

And the love you never knew                       

Lots of things they never showed you                       

That swallowed the light from the sun 

Inside your room , yeah 
C                          F   
And there's no time left for losing 
       C          F 
When you stand they fall 
 Am              G     F      C  
 Comin' down the years turned over 
     Am     G    F           C 
 And angels fall without you there 
     Am   G     F         C 
 And I go on to bring you home 
 Am  G            Am  G                Am 
 All because I'm , all because I'm , and I'll become 
      F             C 
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