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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Stoney larue

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Let me just hold you
de Stoney larue
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D                      D/C#  
It's this feeling I get when you start to cry 
D/B                        D/A 
Tears down my sails like a stormy night 
   G                  A                D         A 
So dry your eyes girl, and just let me hold you 

            D                D/C# 
Well, I was born to skate on very thin ice 
D/B                       D/A  
Most of what I do I don't even think twice 
   G                  A                D 
So dry your eyes girl, and just let me hold you 

Refrão ---
           G            F#m  
Close your eyes hold on tight 
Bm          Bm/A    G            G/F#  
Let me run around inside of your mind 
     Em               A            D 
Baby just for tonight, let me just hold you
I'm the ship that? been tossed, I?m the bridge that?s burned 

But you brought me back from the point of no return 

Thank god I'm with you know, so Ii can just hold you 

No there's nothin more that I need to say 

I just wanna be yours at the end of every day 

so I can close my eyes, and just let you hold me 
        F                       G            D 
there's no guarantee that we're gonna see tomorrow 
        F               G            A  
so lets hold on tight until tomorrow comes 
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