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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Charly mcclain

Radio heart
de Charly mcclain
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Key = A 
Intro: A - A - A - A 
A                                     D 
Married At Sixteen Two Kids By Twenty One 
    A                                                 E 
But He Couldn't Take It Now She's Raising Them On Her Own 
Between The Bills And The Laundry 
Sometimes She's So Lonely She Cries 
          A                   ( E           D )      A 
But She's Found An Escape From Some Of The Ache In-side 
She's Got A Radio Heart She Loves The Songs They Play 
- They Take Him Off Her Mind 
She's Got A Radio Heart 
It Helps Fill An Empty Space He Left Be-hind 
She Gets Lost In A Steel Guitar 
               ( A            Bm )       D 
Oh It's Her Way Out When The Heartache Starts 
              A                     E 
She's Found A Little Salvation On A Local Station 
( E             D )    A 
 - She's Got A Radio Heart 

              A                                           D 
She'll Finish Cleaning The Table Then Put The Kids Off To Bed 
             A                                           E 
She Tries To Watch An Old Movie But She Thinks Of Him In-stead 
           A                                          D 
She Lies A-lone In The Dark And Stares At The Lighted Dial 
         A                 ( E           D )          A 
She Gets Into The Music And Out Of This World For A While 
Repeat Chorus 
                  D     D     A     A 
She's Got A Radio Heart 
                  D     D 
She's Got A Radio Heart 

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