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Goodbye for awhile
de Del way
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Verse 1: 
D        A            G 
Standing there at our front door 
D                  A                 G 
Dad was packed and ready to leave to fight some war 
D            A                        G 
I sat on the front porch and bowed my head 
D                A             G     F#m   Em 
wondering if I'd ever see him again 
But he said don't cry, It's not goodbye..... 
                       D     A             G 
It's just goodbye for awhile, it's not the end 
D                 A 
I promise you the day will come 
you will see me again 
           D  A              Bm    A         G    F#m    
Don't give up, and dry those tears from your eyes 
        Em                   A 
Because it's not goodbye for good 
it's just goodbye for awhile  

Verse 2: 
D      A          G 
As she lay in I.C.U. 
D                  A                  G 
I didn't want to believe the time had come 
but somehow I knew 
D            A                 G 
I sat by her side and held her hand 
D                 A                   G       F#m     Em 
fighting back the tears and trying to stand 
She said don't cry, it's not goodbye.... 
Chorus: ...... 
Instrumental: ..... 
Verse 3: 
D                A            G 
They walked with Jesus by the sea 
D                        A                 G 
They'd seen him heal the sick and the lame, 
set the captives free 
D              A                   G 
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