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Nothing i can't do
de Del way
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D    Bm     G     A     D 
             G              D 
When I first started, I had nothing, 
G                           A 
just a simple faith in God above, 
         G             D 
I've had trials, come against me, 
G                             A 
but I found God's grace, was enough 

               G                    D 
And there were times, I thought I'd stumble, 
         G                       D 
skeptics watching, were sure I'd fail, 
         G                D 
but with Jesus, as my foundation, 
G                  Em 
like a solid rock, weathering the storm , 
G          A 
I, have prevailed ! 
                D                Bm 
Now there ain't nothing, I can't do, 
           G                      A 
there's no mountain that can't be moved, 
           D                Bm 
there's no river, that's so wide, 
              G                 A 
I can't cross over to the other side, 
     G                    A 
with Jesus I know I'll go through, 
              G       A       D 
cause there's nothing I can't do 

Verse 2: 
      G                   D 
Circumstances, will come against you, 
G                                 A 
they will always try to bring you low, 
            G                   D 
there'll be chances, for you to turn back, 
G                                        A 
but there's a higher place where you can go, 

       G                  D 
On the right hand, of the Father, 
      G                      D 
Jesus call-all-alls out your name, 
            G                  D 
and he will fill you, with his power 
G                    Em 
He will lift you up, then your faith will soar, 
    G            A 
and you, will proclaim ! 
Chorus: ................. 
Repeat last line of chorus: 
     G                    A 
With Jesus I know I'll go through 
              G       A       D 
cause there's nothing I can't do ! © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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