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Would jesus be welcome
de Del way
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I picked up this mornings paper,
F                         C
tears of sorrow filled my eyes,

read where a church spends forty million,
     Am                G
to rebuild and to modernize,
the walls will be made of granite,
imported marble on the floors,

there'll be lots of stained glass windows,
G                           C          A
the finest wood for all the doors.

   D                         G
The church invited the mayor, 
and half the folks from city hall,

to take part in the dedication,
       Bm                          A
of the church, that would stand so tall,
it said, the local t.v. station,
will cover the story that day,

but I wonder if they invited Jesus,
A                             D
or would he just get in their way.
D            D7                 G
What I wanna know is what about Jesus,
would he be welcomed there,
                           A         Ab  G
if he came walking in with sandles,
dressed in sackcloth, and long hair,
D         D7                G
won't you tell me about the sinner,
hooked on drugs and alcohol,
                     A       Ab   G
oh Lord, it makes me wonder,
would he be welcomed there at all. 
(chorus; one more time)

I picked up this mornings paper,
G                             D
and tears of sorrow filled my eyes. © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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