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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Abba

de Abba
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Dm                                                        Am
1.   They came flying from far away, now I'm under their spell,
  Dm                      C                Dm
    I love hearing the stories that they tell.

    They've seen places beyond my land,
     and they've found new horizons.
Dm                         C           Dm
    They speak strangely but I understand.
                         A    Dm                              G
    And I dream I'm an eagle,  and I dream I can spread my wings.

        F     C           Dm           C
Flying high, high, I'm a bird in the sky,
        Dm          C             Dm
I'm an eagle that rides on the breeze.
 F     C              Dm        C
High, high, what a feeling to fly,
        Dm        C            Dm
over mountains and forests and seas.
        F      C            Bb       Dm
And to go anywhere that I please.

   Dm                                                           Am
2.  As all good friends we talk all night, and we fly wing to wing.
 Dm                         C               Dm
    I have questions and they know everything.
    There's no limit to what I feel, we climb higher and higher.
  Dm                      C        Dm
    Am I dreaming or is it all real?
                       A      Dm                              G
    Is it true I'm an eagle?    Is it true I can spread my wings?
                               A      Dm   
+ REFR. +  And I dream I'm an eagle,    and I dream I can spread 
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