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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Eddy raven

Bayou boys
de Eddy raven
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Intro: D  A  E  A  D  A  E   D  A  E  A  D  A  E  A 
A                        E 
Passion in the backseat, parked out in the cane 
E                                               A 
Ever since the first time I ain't ever been the same 
A                         E 
I gave up on baseball and I threw down my glove 
E                      D          A 
I discovered girls and I got into love 

A                               E 
Me and my friend Aldo, he's the one who had the car 
E                      A    
We made all the dances we made all the bars 
A                              E 
Told each other secrets and we wore each other's clothes 
    E                              D            A 
One night I stole his woman, and I wonder if he knows 

D         A    E       A    
Sleep all day, run all night 
D           A               E 
Chasing the ladies cause we knew they might 
   D               A        E             A   
We raised a lot of hell, we made a lot of noise 
D         A            E     A 
Everybody knew we were Bayou Boys 
D         A            E     A 
Everybody knew we were Bayou Boys  
Sweet Marie was dangerous with those dark seductive eyes 
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