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Right hand man
de Eddy raven
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G                   C       D 
Johnny gave Susan a wedding band 
                    D        G 
Now she wears it on her left hand 
              C      G 
I'm doing the best I can  
                                  D          G 
To forget she used to call me her right hand man 
Susan always knew I'm not marrying kind 

But she said she would love me for all time 

Said a wedding band just sparkles and shines 

Be my right hand man and that'll be fine 

A right hand man can be your lover 
          G             C          G 
Carry the load when the wind blows cold 
He can be replaced by another 
      D    C       G 
Who's carrying the gold  
Susan made me think our love was real 
There are times I believe her still 
But Johnny walked in right out of left field 
Put a right hand man in a left hand deal 
Repeat CHORUS 
They say don't let your right hand know what your left hand?s doin' 
Susan kept me in the dark for a long, long time 
I had no idea that love's foundation was turning into ruin 
Cause being a right hand man was a dream of mine 
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