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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Eddy raven

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Who do you know in california
de Eddy raven
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Eddy Raven:  
Who Do You Know In California 
Who Do You Know In California 
By Eddy Raven  
An E or E7 can be used for this song. Depends 
On your sound you want. 
Living with me isn't always easy 
D                   A 
Bless her heart she tried 
Put her through some crazy times 
    B7            E 
She always let it slide 
But early this morning I could hear her 
D                       A 
Banging on the pots and pans 
Something had finally gotten to her 
      E                        A 
She'd taken all that she could stand 

D   E    A 
She said who do you know in California 
D                        A 
What's she doing calling here 
Some people got a lot nerve 
B7                     E7   D   E 
Some people just don't care 
I don't understand what makes a man do  
D                      A 
Some of the things you do 
Who do you know in  California 
E                       A 
What does she want with you  
Hiding behind the morning paper 
Hanging on to every word  
Trying to find a real good answer 
One that wasn't too absurd 
To look in her eyes and tell her a lie 
I don't know if I can  
She knows just enough to know too much 
Now it's about to hit the fan 
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