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Make it last
de The ataris
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There's a lot on my mind
so I guess that I'll take it one thing at a time,
       C                                 D
still sometimes I can't help but wonder why...
I sit around all day
and I waste my whole damn life away,
      C                                    D
still thinkin' bout' just what there is to say.

            Em             C
(Chorus #1) Should I say goodnight???
    G              D                Em to bed, turn out the fucking light
                C             D
and leave you shining in the past.
Em                 C
Should I try and forget???
         G                      D              Em
...even though next week it's something I'll regret.
              C               D
Or, should I try and make it last?

I think about the day
when I felt you'd throw it all away
    C                               D
to try to make me feel like I'm the one.
You were my best friend,
       Em                                  C
and I never ever thought those days would end
but now it seems like they are gone

            Em               C
(Chorus #2) What more can I say???
      G            D            Em
...I never wanted it to be this way,
               C            D
And where the hell is yesterday???
   Em             C
...We sure had a blast!
     G                D            Em
I'm sorry that we're living in the past,
          C                D
should we try and make it last?

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