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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elton john

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Rock n roll madonna
de Elton john
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Intro: C  Cm 
C                       Cm                  F      F7 
If anyone should see me making it down the highway 
C                            G    Cm/G 
Breaking all the laws of the land 
      C               Cm 
Well don't you try to stop me 
           F      F7 
I'm going her way 
    C                  F        Cm/G    C 
And that's the way I'm sure she had it planned 

     C                          F    F7 
Well that's my Rock-and-roll Madonna 
      C                         G   Cm/G 
She's always been a lady of the road 
Well everybody wants her 
    F           F7 
But no one ever gets her 
   C     F              Cm/G         C 
Well the freeway is the only way she knows 

        C                              F          F7 
Well if she would only slow down for a short time 
    C                               G     Cm/G 
I'd get to know her just before she leaves 
    C                                   F              F7 
But she's got some fascination for that two wheel combination 
      C                   F      Cm/G     C 
And I swear it's going to be the death of me 
Rock on, Babe! 
Let's get a little bit lower, 
                        F    F7 
Let's get a little bit lower, 
C                          G  Cm/G 
Oh!  It's getting all right 
Sing it, baby! 
F                        F7 
Yeah, that's pretty good. 
C                                      F  Cm/G  C 
Now is everybody gonna rock on with me? 

One more time! 
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