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If bubba can dance
de Shenandoah
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Key of B 

Intro: solo- B F# B 
 | ----7-----------------------7-------7-------7--------- 
 | -/7---7---------------------7-------7-------7--------- 
 | --------7h9p7-----7-(b9)9(10)---9(10)---9(10)---9(10)-7- 
 | --------------7h(b9)------------------------------------ 
 | ------------------------------------------------------ 
 | ------------------------------------------------------ 
 | ---------------------------- 
 | ---------------------------- 
 | ---------------------------- 
 | -(b9)------7-7-7------7-7----- 
 | ---9(10)-------9(10)----(b9)-- 
 | --------------------------7- 
B                                E 
Well he saw it on TV and ordered that video 
   B                                    F# 
He learned every step at home and never told me so 
      B                              E 
When I saw him out there the very first time I knew 
      B         F#            B 
Well if Bubba can dance I can too 
Yeah now Bubba can scoot, Bubba can slide 
B                stop          B 
Bubba can two-step, Bubba can glide 
E                        B              F# 
I never though he had the nerve, he never said a word 
        B                                     E 
Well everybody in the place stand back and give me some room 
       B           F#            B 
Cause if Bubba can dance I can too 
B  E  B  F#  B 
B                                               E 
Well I've been watching all night and I'm working my courage up 
       B                                       F# 
Hey that dude's on the floor and he's doin' all the latest stuff 
      B                                 E 
Well if he's brave enough then I know what I gotta do 
      B         F#            B 
Hey if Bubba can dance, I can too 
E       B          F#            B  E 
Well if Bubba can dance I can too     (repeat, then solo) 
 | --------------------------------------------------------- 
 | -10(11)(10)-8-7------------------------------------------ 
 | ----------------(b9)7-7------------------------------------ 
 | ----------------------7(8)(7)-6------------------0------- 
 | --------------------------------10-(b9)7-------0-2---2-0-2- 
 | ---------------------------------------10--2------------- © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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