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The general lee
de Johnny cash
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C             Am 
I'm a Charger, That Charges Through The Night 
Like An Orange Bolt Of Lightning, Passing Everything In Sight 
        G                            Am 
I'm The Best Pal The Duke Boy's Ever Had 
    F                               G  
I'm Thunder On The Highway, Looking Bad, Bad, Bad 
      C                Am  
I'm A Knight, Like The Kind In Shining Armor 
With My Polished Body Gleaming, I'm A Fighter And A Charger 
If Trouble Comes Your Way Just Ask For Me 
My Friends All Know Me As THE GEN-E-RAL LEE 
        F                                           Em  
I'm The General Lee, A Pistol Pumping, Steel Belted Cavalry 
Ill Never Let You Down When Your Riding With Me 
F                  G               C     C/B  C/A  C/G 
Buckle Up And I'll Show You What I Mean 
       F                                                  Em 
Take A Look Back There, Sirens Going, Red Lights Flashing EVE-RY-WHERE 
We'll Cross The Field And We'll Be Running Free 
F                     G              Am  F G             C 
They'll Eat Dust With Complements Of Me      The General Lee 
I'm A Hero, And That's How I'll Make You Feel 
When Your Riding Shotgun With Me And The Law Is At Your Heel 
I'm Glory Bound, But When The Chase Is Done 
I'll Take Off Through The Mountains And Have Fun, Fun, Fun 
I've Got Style, Tearing Through The Curves 
Let My Flag Wave Proudly To The People That I Serve 
I'm Number One And I Will Always Be 
The Pride Of The South They Call THE GEN-E-RAL LEE 
I'll Jump That Pond And We'll Be Running Free 
And They'll Go SwI'mming Complements Of Me 
The General Lee 
The General Lee 
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