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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Fernando ortega

de Fernando ortega
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C                        G         F                  C        Gsus 
Neon lights flickering outside the cafe ice on the windsheild stars in a  
      E7  Am                F7M              Csus C  C2 C   
black sea on a winter road flurries of snow i'm rea-dy to go  
C                                G       F                    C 
Past farmhouse and pasture our voices together rise to the drumming of  
Gsus          E7       Am                              F7M       
big rigs and trailers long hours to daylight we're on a rumbling bus our  
Csus   C   C2  C 
bed   and our board 
         G        Dm               F7M                  C 
Heavenly father remember the traveler bring us safely home 
         G        Dm               F7M                G7sus          C 
Heavenly father remember the traveler bring us safely home  safely home 
       C                        G          F                    C     Gsus 
in the towns office highway the people are kind they welcome us in I sing  
           E7         Am                              F7M  
in their church halls old hymns and prayer songs with lifted hearts we  
Csus  C   C2     C 
re-joice in the LORD   (Chorus) 
   Am                     Bsus                    G            F    
I long for my family and friends to remind me of where i have been and  
 C          D                    C  G  F  C 
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