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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Gary burr

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What mattered most
de Gary burr
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D   D/F#  G   A ,  D  D/F#  G   A 
               D                    D/F#       
I thought I knew, the girl so well 
G                           D 
If she was sad, I couldn't tell 
I missed the point, I missed the signs 
G                                    D         
So if she's gone, the fault is mine 
   Em                                       D 
I know, I know, a whole lot of little things 
     Em                                     D       
And even though, I could list them one by one 
                    A7sus         A7 
She would still be gone 
               D                 D/F# 
Her eyes are blue   her hair is long 
     G              D/A 
In '64        she was born 
      A      D 
in Baton Rouge 
              D/F#             G 
Her favorite song    is "In My Life" 

              D/A       Bm 
I memorized her every move 
             A                    G 
I knew her books, her car, her clothes 
       D      D/F#     G               A          D    
But I paid,    no  attention   to what mattered most 
Verse 2 
I never asked, she never said 
And when she cried I turned my head 
She dreamed her dreams, behind closed doors 
That made them easy to ignore 
I know, I know, I missed the forest for the trees 
Now all I have to show 
When she walked out the door 
Are cold facts and nothin' more 
Last Chorus: 
Her eyes are blue, her hair is long, In '64 
She was born, in Baton Rouge,  
Her father's tall, her mother's gone, 
She moved out West when she was two, 
The way she laughed, the way she loved, 
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