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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

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Cold hard truth
de George jones
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n c                  E                     A 
You don't know who I am  I know all about you 
A                          B7                                    E A E 
I've come to talk to you tonight About the things I've seen you do 
E                                                                      A 
I've come to set the record straight  I've come to shine the light on you 
A                  B7                       E 
Let me introduce myself, I'm the cold hard truth 
n c                      E                                A 
There's a woman we both know  I think you know the one I mean 
A                       B7                                     E    A E  
She gave her heart and soul to you  You gave her only broken dreams 
E                                                            A 
You say you're not the one to blame  For all the heartache she's been through 
A                    B7                                  E 
I say you're nothing but a liar  And I'm the cold hard truth 
E7                             A                             E 
All your life that's how it's been  Looking out for number one 
E                     B                            E   A E 
Taking more than you give  Movin' on when you're done 
E                           A                        E 
With her you could have it all  A family enough to last 
E                       B7                                 E   A E , lead( B E F ) 
If you had any sense at all  You'd go and beg her to come back      (key change) 

F                                                          Bb   F 
You think that you're a real man But you're nothing but a fool 
Bb                         C7                              F   Bb F                          
The way you run away from love The way you try to play it cool 
n c                          F                           Bb 
I'm gonna say this just one time  Time is running out on you 
Bb                        C7                        F 
You best remember me my friend  I'm the cold hard truth 
F                         C                           F   
You best remember my my friend   I am the cold hard truth © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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