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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

Her name is
de George jones
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G                                C  
Oh, I love her and just can't live without her 
         D                               G 
And I've got the urge to tell the world about her 
        G                                 C 
But our love's a secret and can't see the light of day 
      D                                G 
But I went and wrote this love song anyway 

            G                               C 
Her name is _ _ _ (Josephine), her eyes are _(blue) 
                      D                                   G  
Her hair is just like _ _(sunshine), and she measures _ _ _(5 foot, two) 
     G                                  C 
But someday I'll fill in the lines when she and I are free 
    D                                                G 
And we'll walk in the sunshine, _ _ _ (Josephine) and me 
Oh, it really is a scandal and disgrace 
To have to call your woman what's-her-face 
But her husband thinks he owns her heart and soul for life 
And he'll kill the man who messes with his wife 
Yes, someday I'll fill in the lines when she and I are free 
And we'll walk in the sunshine _ _ _ and me 
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