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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

Honey hush
de George jones
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So many things are on your mind 
         C                      G 
You look troubled and scared to death 
And the chores you missed on your very long list 
C                           G 
It won't let you catch your breath 
I know we've had some hard times 
    C                           G 
But I won't let that get in the way 
Before you cry tonight and get uptight 
C                                D 
There one thing that I'd like to say 

      G              G7  
Honey Hush, turn the lights down low 
Don't think so hard leave are cares and woes 
    D                                         G     D 
And dance with me, let me lead you across the floor 
      G           G7 
Honey Hush, It'll be alright  
Somethin we should discuss oh but not tonight 
       D                                        G   D 
We can worry in the morning but right now honey hush  

Things don't seem very easy 
              C                      G 
It's like our whole world is fallin apart 
But this love we share shows how much we care  
        C                  G 
Were forever joined at the heart 
I believe that we'll get through this 
          C                          G 
Though we don't rightly know what to do 
If there's a will there's a way with these bills to pay 
   C                       D 
As long as I know I've got you 
Sing Chorus 
D                                               C 
We can worry in the morning but right now honey hush 
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