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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

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I've aged twenty years in five
de George jones
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( C 1 STRUM) ( G 1 STRUM)   C                         G 
as i look in the mirror this morning on some dirty old rest  
       C            F                            C 
room wall it took awhile to reliaze it's really me there  
  Am     C               G               C        C 
inside cause iv'e aged twenty years in five. i recall when i 
   G           C                       G   C       F 
looked much younger and it wasn't so long ago but one night 
                 C             Am              C     G 
of drinking to four nights of wine and you'll age twenty  
years in five. 
  C    C7    F              C        C7        F        
i've aged twenty years in five i've seen the dark side of  
  C            F                    C 
life from a mansion on a hill to straight whiskey from a  
  AM              C        G          C 
still and you'll age twenty years in five. 
                         change key 
             C#        G#       C#                       G# 
before the bottle i played my music on the road with a five  
        C#                 F# 
piece band and with the pressures of a game i drank up  
   C#        A#m       C#         G#         C# 
fortune and fame and i've aged twenty years in five. oh but 
                  G#          C#                     G# 
i'll change this way i been living or i'll be gone before  
     C#        F#                                C# 
my time i'll climb back to the top and with my friends i  
       A#m     C#        G#          C#             C# 
won't stop til i erase twenty years in five. yes i'll erase 
       G#         F#   G# C# 
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