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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

Love bug
de George jones
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A                                      E 
Well, I was ruling the roost had all the chicks to myself 
E                                                   A 
And suddenly it happen I caught a little feeling I felt 
A                                                        D 
Well, I tried to outrun it but it finally caught up with me 
         E                   E7                    A 
Tell me how I can run from something that I can't see 
Oh That 
A                                             E 
Little bitty teeny weeny thing they call the love bug 
E                                       E7           A 
Nobody's ever seen it but it's got the whole world shook up 
A                                               D 
It all started with  a little bitty kiss and a hug 
          E                                           A 
It's a little bitty teeny weeny thing they call the love bug  
         A                                         E 
Well I alway thought that I had me a pretty good style 
E                                            A 
But I lost that race by a good old country mile 
A                                                       D 
Yea, I was walking all around with my head held way up high 
        E                        E7             A 
And it fooled me, hit me really took me by surprize 
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