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Still doing time
de George jones
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has it been a year since the last time i've seen her my god  
    G                 D 
i could swear it was ten and the ocean ofliquor i drank to  
                         E7                      A 
forget her is gonna kill me but i'll drink til then i've  
        G                                         D 
been living in hell with a bar for a cell still paying for 
              G           D                   A7 
my cheating crime and i've got a long way to go still doing  

A7            D                           D7          G 
still doing time in a honky tonk prison still doing time  
where a man ain't forgiven my poor heart is breaking oh but  
   G                           D                 A7 
there's no escaping each moring i wake up and i find still 
doing time.  

D7                      G 
oh when your caught cheating twice it's twenty to 
            D                          G 
life in a place where the sun never shines and tommorrow  
   D                         A7               D 
you're gonna find me right here still doing time. 
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