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TOP acordes y tablaturas de George jones

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Things have gone to pieces
de George jones
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C#             G#7             C# 
Oh the faucet started drippin' in the kitchen 
                            G#7                C# 
And last night your picture fell down from the wall 
  F#                               C#         Bm 
Today the Boss said Sorry, I can't use you anymore 
      C#                   G#7             C# 
And tonight the light bulb went out in the hall 
G#7                                  C# 
Things have gone to pieces since you left me 
F#                C#                G#7 
Nothing turns out half-right now it seems 
            F#                             C#            F#   
There ain't nothing in my pocket but three nickels and a dime 
        C#             G#7          C#   
But I'm holding to the pieces of my dream 
Somebody threw a baseball through my window 

And the arm fell off my fav'rite chair again 

The man called me today and aaid he'd haul my things away 

If I didn't get my payments made by ten 
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