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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Mark david manders

Sam houston
de Mark david manders
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Ain't it funny how things can change 
One day it's sunny, the next day it rains 
But life goes on in between 
The highs and lows 
You always said I wouldn't amount to much 

No matter what I did it wasn't good enough 

And I should have hung it up 

A long time ago 

               A            B             
But I'm still dreaming with both eyes open 
E            F#m           
I know just where I'm going 
    A        B                           E   
And nothing, nothing's gonna stand in my way 
It's an uphill climb but I don't care 
I won't rest 'til I get there 
And when I do I plan to stay  
If you took my dreams and laid them end to end 
They'd stretch to the moon and back again 
Now tell me, if that's a sin 
Then I'm going straight to hell 
But you know I could never survive  
Working a job from nine to five 
It's a form of prison life  
Without the cell 
San Houston crossed the river Red 
As an eagle circled overhead 
He looked up to the skies and said, 
'This is my destiny' 
Now somewhere down I45 
There's an Eagle rolling through the night 
I look in the rearview just to find 
Houston's now a memory 
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