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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Kris kristofferson

Jesse jackson
de Kris kristofferson
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       C                  F              C         F 
He was walking with your brother on the streets of Alabama 
        G               D               A 
He was marching next to Martin when he died 
        C                F          C        F 
Working face to face in Cuba and Managua Nicaragua 
       G                 D            A 
He did not yet beat the Devil but he tried 

        F                                C 
Hold on brother Jesse Jackson there's a better wrold a comin' 
       G               D                A7 
Where a man can hope a man'll show some heart 
          F                             C 
You just keep right on believin' in the better side of human 
           G             D               C 
They ain't ready for you yet but it's a start 
        G                 A7             D 
And you move 'em when you hit 'em in the heart  
We must bring it all together we must start right at the bottom 
Back to helping one another when we can 
'Cause if he's hungry and he's human and he's fighting for his freedom 
Then he shouldn't be too hard to understand 
CHORUS (2x) 
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