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Shaddap you face
de Joe dolce
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Intro: E6 E 
(Hello, I'm Giuseppe. I've got something 

special for you. Ready? Uni, duno, tre, quatro) 
 ( E6 E ) 
When I was a boy 

Just about to leave the grade 

Mamma used to say 

Don't stay out late 
With the bad boys 

Always shooting pool 
               E            A 
Giuseppe don't flunk school 
( E6 E ) 
Boy you're making me sick 

All the things I gotta do 

I can't be given no kicks 

I always got to follow rules 
Boy you're making me sick 

Just to make the lousy bucks 
Got to feel like a fool 
(And Mamma used to say all the time) 
( E6 E ) 
What's the matter you 

Got no respec 

What do you think you do? 

Why you look so sad 
It's not so bad 

It's a nice place 
Ah, Shaddap you face 
(That's my Mamma, I can remember 

A big acordeon solo) 
( E6 E ) 
Soon there'll come a day 

Gonna be a big star.e- chords .com 

Then I'll make TV shows and the movies 

Get myself a new car 
Still I'll be myself 

I don't want to change a thing 
Still dance and sing 
(And think about the Mamma - She used to say) 
Hello, everybody. That's how today  
I'm a eadio and TV man. Did you know 
I had a big hit song in Italy with this: 
Shaddap you Face. I sing this song and all 
of my friend abroad. They're clapping 
their hands. That makesme feel so good. 
You've got to learn this song. It's real 
simple. You see, I sing. Hey" Then I sing 
the rest, and then, at the end, we can 
all sing "Ah Shaddap You Face" ok? 
Let's try to do it, uno, duo, tre, quatro. © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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