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de Ka'au crater boys
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Intro:  G F (4X) 
G             F   G               F 
There's a place,  on the west side 
            F   G          F 
Called Makaha,  Makaha yeah. 

G                           F 
All the braddahs and sistahs, 
G                                    F 
Surfing big waves and hanging around 
G                                F 
Playing music and having some fun 

Refrão -------------
        G          F  G           F 
        (At) Makaha,  Makaha yeah 
        G                    F  G          F 
        We're going to Makaha,  Makaha yeah 

 G                                  F 
It's a really nice beautiful sight 
G                               F 
Breaking morning, noon and night 
G                               F 
Jamming music by the firelight 
G                               F 
Everybody's feeling all right 


        C               A7                                   D7 
        Canoe surfing,  bullyboards banging everybody around 
        Braddah Mel,  Braddah Russ,  Sistah Rel,  Uncle Buff 
        Everybody ripping, shredding, jamming on down to 



G                       F 
When the sun goes down 
G                                       F 
And I'm not ready to head back to town 
G                                          F 
Cause there's a lot of nice people to meet 
G                                 F 
We all jamming to the reggae beat 


G                              F 
Well it's just about time to go 
G                               F 
I hear this song on the radio 
G                                       F 
A place where Rusty and the gang compete 
G                                 F 
In Uncle Buffalo's longboard meet 



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