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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Jimmy buffett

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Simply complicated
de Jimmy buffett
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When you find out things about yourself  
        F               C   
That you hadn't ought to know  
When your grandma calls and books you  
On the Jerry Springer Show  
And you find out you and your wife of 10 years  
F              C 
Just might be related  
F                    C 
Brother, life's not over  
         G      G7     C    
It's just simply complicated.  
There's other situations that might challenge you I guess  

When your daughter tries out for the football team  

And your son tries on her dress.  

And you start to think that the devil's in charge  

Of how you're situated.  

Life is still worth living  

It's just simply complicated  

G                            G7               C 
Life is complicated with it's ifs and ands and buts  
F                 C                 G      G7        C 
It's alright to be crazy, just don't let it drive you nuts.   
My daughter wants to go on dates  

I think I'll let her go.  

But she better not be moving at the moving picture show.  

Or stop by all those conchy tonks and get inebriated  

Ain't it all a caution, it's just simply complicated.  
Now I'm having a big problem with my present day career  

My ship, she has a rudder, but I don't know where to steer.  

Am I country, pop, or rock n roll  

I know they are related  

So I'll just let you be the judge  

It's simply complicated  
F            C   
Life is complicated  

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