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Suicide is painless
de Eagles
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Am7           D7 
Through early morning fog I see  
G              Em 
visions of the things to be 
    Am                 Dsus      D7 
The pains that are withheld from me  
  G           Em7   Bm7 E7 
I realize and I can see that 
Am7        D7           G              Em7 
Suicide is Painless, it brings on many changes 
    C7M G/B     Am       D7   Em 
And I can take or leave it if I please 

Am7           D7 
Try to find a way to make  
G              Em 
all our little joys relate 
    Am            Dsus    D7 
Without that ever-present hate  
    G          Em7       Bm7 E7 
and now I know that it's too late and... 

    Am7             D7 
The game of life is hard to play  
G                    Em 
I'm going to lose it anyway 
    Am               Dsus      D7 
The losing card I'll sometimes lay 
   G               Em7   Bm7 E7 
so this is all I'm going to  say, that..... 

    Am7         D7 
The only way to win is cheat  
G                      Em 
and lay it down before I'm beat 
    Am         Dsus   D7 
And to another give a seat  
    G               Em7 Bm7  E7 
for that's the only painless feat 'cause... 

    Am7                D7 
The sword of time will pierce our skins  
   G                 Em 
it doesn't hurt when it begins 
    Am              Dsus D7 
But as it works its way  on in  
    G                     Em7   Bm7 E7 
the pain grows stronger - watch it  grin. For... 

  Am7              D7 
A brave man once requested me  
   G                         Em 
to answer questions that are key 
   Am          Dsus   D7 
Is it to be or not to be 
    G               Em7 Bm7 E7 
and I replied, "Oh, why ask me?" 'cause... 

Am7        D7           G              Em7 
Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes 
    C7M G/B     Am       D7   Em 
And I can take or leave it if I please 
    C7M   G/B    Am         D7     Em 
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