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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Jethro tull

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Hunting girl
de Jethro tull
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Em                                       D
One day I walked the road and crossed a field
      C                      G   A5
  to go by where the hounds ran hard.
Em                                            D
And on the master raced: behind the hunters chased
       C                 G  A5
  to where the path was barred.
C        D             G       A         Em
One fine young lady's horse refused the fence to clear.
C               D         G      A                            B
I unlocked the gate but she did wait until the pack had disappeared.

Em C D Em
Em                                            D          C         G   A5
Crop handle carved in bone; sat high upon a throne of finest English leather.
Em                                                D           C          G   A5
The queen of all the pack, this joker raised his hat and talked about the weather.
C      D         G             A        Em
All should be warned about this high born Hunting Girl.
C               D              G        A                            B
She took this simple man's downfall in hand; I raised the flag that she unfurled.

Am                                       G       F        Em
Boot leather flashing and spurnecks the size of my thumb.
Am                                    G         F         E
This highborn hunter had tastes as strange as they come, come.

Am                             G      F        Em
Unbridled passion: I took the bit in my teeth.
Am                               G     F           E
Her standing over --- me on my knees underneath, underneath.

Em                                    D          C         G   A5
My lady, be discrete.I must get to my feet and go back to the farm.
Em                               D           C           G   A5
Whilst I appreciate you are no deviate, I might come to some harm.
C         D          G               A             Em
I'm not inclined to acts refined, if that's how it goes.
C               D              G        A                    B
Oh, high born Hunting Girl, I'm just a normal low born so and so.

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