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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Highwaymen

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Living legend
de Highwaymen
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F                                             C/G  
      Was it bitter then,with our backs against the wall 
         G                                        C/G     
      Were we better men,then we'd ever been before 
         F                                                         C/G   
      Say if she came again today,would you still answer to the call 
         G                                           C/G  
      Tell the truth my friend,don't it matter anymore  
Verse 1: 
         F                                           C/G 
      We were simple men,by her side when she was born 
         G                                            C/G   
      It was simple then,like the freedom when you fall 
         F                                                         C/G  
      We were smaller then you see,but soon we gathered like a storm 
          G                                              C/G 
      They don't understand what that thunder meant at all 
Verse 2: 
         F                                      C/G 
      Was he crucified,was he done in by the law 
         G                                        C/G 
      Are you satisfied that he'll never ride again 
         F                                                    C/G   
      Some people say he got away,they say he never died at all 
         G                                           C/G 
      If that story's true,does it bother you my friend 
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