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Jim i wore a tie today
de Highwaymen
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C G C G  
C    G      F          C     F 
Jim , Jim , I Wore A Tie Today 
                          G    C 
The first one that I ever wore 
                          F                   D 
And you have said, that I looked like a dummy  
Out of a dry goods store. 

   C    G                F             C    
Oh Jim , Jim the preacher said a lot of things  
      F                     G 
But I didn't hear a word he said  
   C                   F              
My mind kept wanderin' back down the trail 
C           G             C 
Back to the good times we had.  

G                           C                G 
Ridin' the herd through the sun and the rain  
                        C    G 
Pannin' for gold on the cuff  
We did everything, in the books I guess  
      D                            G 
And a lot, that they never thought up  
   C    G             F          C 
Oh Jim , Jim so you're ridin' on ahead 
     F                           G 
Well if that's how it's goin' to be  
     C               F 
When you reach those streets paved with gold  
C           G             C 
Jim stake a claim out for me.   

( C G F C F G C F C G C )       
We did everything we could for you Jim but 
Your fever just wouldn't go down  
So we put you in the wagon Jim 
And this mornin' we got you back to town  
But when we got here you were gone Jim 
And there wasn't anything anybody could do 
And they dressed you up in a fancy suit and a neck-tie 
So today, we wore one too. 
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