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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Mike mcclure

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The streets of aragon
de Mike mcclure
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Em                          C 
When the first shot hit the streets 
        G         C 
I can't say I was surprised 
Am             C 
Angel stood up on the terrace 
Hailing Mary with her eyes 
Em                         C 
I remember those megaphone crowds 
    G                            C 
As ministers and generals looked on 
Am                            C 
Angel was the first queen to run with the bulls 
Through the streets of Aragon 

Refrão -------------
           G             G/F#        Em 
Yeah they watched a city fall in the fires of hate 
        C                         D 
Put the pearls with the swine and shut the gate 
        G              G/F#       Em 
Flooded wrong with the waters of Babylon 
            C          D      G 
Through the streets of Aragon
Yeah we stared at that Cathedral's facade 
Was nothin' just some holy shell 
Cuz all the foreign dignitaries 
Knew our beloved queen so well 
I remember machine gun massess 
Hangin' out into the dawn 
Angel was the first queen to drag her bed sheets 
Through the streets of Aragon 
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