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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Jethro tull

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A small cigar
de Jethro tull
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D        D7  Gm                   A  
A small cigar can change the world  
                       D            D7  
I know, I've done it frequently at parties  
               Gm                 A  
Where I've won all the guests' attention  
             D    D7          Gm          A  
With my generosity and suave gentlemanly bearing  
           D              D7  
A little flat tin case is all you need  
               Gm          A4 A  
Breast-pocket conversation opener  
                  D                         D7  
And one of those ciggie lighters that look rather good  
           Gm           A4 A  
You can throw away when empty  
      D              D7  
Must be declared a great success  
     Gm              Bb            D         B  
My small cigars all vanish within minutes  
                                                 Am  (an Am with lifted  

   Em                     Am Am               e   0   index finger)  
Excuse me, mine host, that I may visit        B   0  
       G    D                                 G   2  
A nearby tobacconist                          D   2  
       Em                   Am Am             A   0  
To replenish my supply of small cigars        E   -  
     G                            B  
And make the party swing again  

    D                    D7  
I know my clothes seem shabby  
           Gm                 A  
And don't fit this Hampstead soiree  
Where unread copies of Rolling Stone  
Well-thumbed Playboys  
              Gm                   A  
Decorate the hi-fi stereo record shelves  
    D                 D7  
If you ask me they're on their way  
          Gm             A4 A  
To upper-middle-class oblivion  
      D                 D7  
The stupid twits, they roll their only  
     Gm           A4 A  
One cigarette between them  
     D              D7  
My small cigar's redundant now  
        Gm                Bb  
In the haze of smoking pleasure  
     D                  D7  
Call it a day, get the hell away  
             Gm          Bb          D   B  
Go down the cafe, for a cup of real tea  

        Em                        Am Am   
By the tube station, there's a drunk old fool  
           G                      D  
Who sells papers in the rush hour  
    Em              Am Am   
I hand to him ten small cigars  
     G                                   B  
He smiles, says, ''Son, God bless you''  

    D               C  
A small cigar has changed his world, my friend  
    D               C  
A small cigar has changed the world again  
Piano, repeated  
D4 D C ../ G Bb A4 A A9 A  
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