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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Jethro tull

de Jethro tull
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Intro     Am  F  Dm7  G  C  Am  Bb  F  G  
          F                     Dm          Am  
Verse 1   Cold aeroplanes, slow boats, warm trains  
          C      G     Am     G  
          Remind me of Jack-A-Lynn  
          F               Dm     Am  
          Lush hotels and pretty girls  
          C               G     Am       G  
          Won't share the misty mood I'm in  

          Dm               F  
Chorus    Silly, sad, I've never had  
             G            C  
          To write this before  
          Oh, Jack-A-Lynn  

          F              Dm     Am  
Verse 2   Funny how long nights alone  
          C            G  Am     G  
          And thoughts of Jack-A-Lynn  
          F                    Dm       Am  
          When phantoms tread around my bed  
          C        G        Am          G  
          To offer restless dreams they bring  

          Dm                         F  
Chorus    And it's just the time and place to find  
                G           C  
       -> { A } sad song to play  
          For Jack-A-Lynn  
E  B  G  D  Am  F  Dm7  G  C  Am  Bb  F  G     Ab  
          Ab                           Fm         Cm    Eb  
Verse 3-> Magpies that shriek, { old } boots that leak  
                 Bb     Eb     Bb  
       -> { Call me the Jack-A-Lynn }  
          Ab                   Fm         Cm      Eb  
       -> Cold { black cats in policman's hats }  
                  Bb        Eb        Bb  
       -> { Nosing where the mice have been }  
          Fm                      Ab  
       -> And the lonely hours, { forgiving now }  
                     Bb            Eb  
       -> { And } I'm far, far from home  
       -> { A } Jack-A-Lynn  
                      Cm                Ab  
                            Jack Jack-A-Lynn  
                      Cm                Ab  
          Jack Jack-A-Lynn, Jack Jack-A-Lynn  
                      Cm                Ab  
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