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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Hank williams

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Somethin' got a hold of me
de Hank williams
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At first when I heard of some people who claim 
That the old-time religion was real 
  C                          F 
I said "I'll go down, take a look at the crowd 
    C              G        C 
For just that weak minded I feel." 
I walked up the steps and I peeked in the door, 
But the Devil said, "Don't you go in!" 
      C                             F 
But I said, "It won't hurt me, I'll just step inside, 
         C          G         C 
And I'll set as far back as I can."  

Somethin' got a hold of me, praise God! 
Yes, somethin' got a hold of me, oh Lord! 
  C                             F 
I went there to fight, but I'll tell you that night, 
    C               G       C 
God certainly got a hold of me.  
They sang like they meant it, they all clapped their hands, 
I said, "It's commotion, that's all." 
           C                           F 
"When they get down to pray, I'll just get up and leave, 
    C                G            C 
For I don't wanna be seen here at all." 
But about that time, he got started to preach, 
And he looked straight down at me. 
   C                  F 
He told ev'rybody how mean that I was, 
   C                   G               C 
He didn't talk like he thought much of me. 
I sat in my seat just thinkin' it o'er 
And then they all started to pray 
    C                        F 
The fire fell from heaven, I fell to the floor 
  C                G           C 
I prayed there and God had his way.  
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