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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Hank flamingo

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Tennessee plates
de Hank flamingo
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E    A  E   B  E (3x) 

Verse One: 
E                                              A 
Well I woke up in a hotel, didn't know what to do 
  E                            B         E 
I turned the TV on and wrote a letter to you 
The news was talkin 'bout a dragnet upon the interstate 
          E                          B         E        A  E    B  E 
They were lookin for a Cadillac with Tennessee plates 
Since I left California baby things have gotten worse 
          E                       B            E 
Seems the land of opportunity for me is just a curse 
Tell the judge in Bakersfield, the trial'll have to wait 
                  E                          B         E 
Down here they're lookin for a Cadillac with Tennessee plates 
Chorus One: 
It was summer in Nevada, it was cold outside 
She was shiverin in the dark so I offered her a ride 
Three bank jobs later, four cars hot wired 
   B                                                  E    A E    B E 
We crossed the Mississippi like an oil slick fire 
Verse Two: 
E                                                          A 
If they had known what we was up to they wouldn'tve let us in 
       E                       B       E 
Seems we landed in Memphis like original sin 
Down Elvis Presley Boulevard to the Graceland gates 
        E                          B         E 
We were lookin for a Cadillac with Tennessee plates 

E    A  E    B  E (twice) 
Well there must have been a dozen of 'em parked in that garage 
      E                            B          E 
There wasn't one Lincoln and there wasn't one Dodge 
There wasn't one Japanese model or make 
     E                             B         E 
Just pretty, pretty Cadillacs with Tennessee Plates 
Chorus Two: 
She saw him singin once, when she was seventeen 
Now ever since that day she's been livin in between 
I was never king of nothing but this wild weekend 
   B                                                        A     E  B 
Anyway we wouldn't care, hell he gave 'em to his friends 
Verse Three: 
This ain't no hotel I'm writin you from 
                              B           E 
It's a Tennessee prison up at Brushy Mountain 
Your sincerely's doing five to eight 
E                         B         E 
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